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User: edissons
Status: User
Date: Jun 5, 2013
Comment: Simple yet cool and addicting game, it
is like the
where I usually stay to play.

User: moderateiqbal
Status: User
Date: Apr 5, 2013
Comment: hey this game is rock!! i had pass

User: moderateiqbal
Status: User
Date: Apr 2, 2013
Comment: arrgghh... why connot reset mike7 account? the
account space only limit for 10word!! is'n the
account pass is "mike7g@games.tb". please help
me!!! i love this game...

User: jhon44
Status: User
Date: Sep 12, 2011
Comment: so boring and hateful so not cool

User: dan_james
Status: User
Date: Jun 12, 2011
Comment: how do i access my email?

User: darena
Status: User
Date: May 31, 2010
Comment: After you crack mike7@xsale.tb/reset.php and get
the password you need to connect to
www.xsale.tb/reset.php and use that password to
reset the other password...confusing x.x

User: SkyUchihaxX
Status: User
Date: May 27, 2010
Comment: <--- Having trouble with the last one Sad

User: Ilikehacking
Status: User
Date: Apr 5, 2010
Comment: @bigblowa Doesn´t work... the password is wrong!

User: aaron_break
Status: User
Date: Sep 10, 2009
Comment: ang bagal mag load

User: grasshopper
Status: User
Date: Jul 2, 2008

Ok this is
what you do type web www.multiserver.tb and enter
go to the pricing page and you get an e-mail so now
you bug it, type bug jack@multiserver.tb and enter
wait till it says bug tracker online and then check
your e-mail click on multiserver.tb so there you
get an account name jack5 so now you can crack his
account. type crack jack5@multiserver.tb/admin.php
and you should get his pass it is serv453 so now
type web multiserver.tb and go to the admin page
username:jack5 pass:serv453 now you get a new page
that you can change his password. change it to
whatever you want like;1234 and set. well done
objective complete go onto the next mission

User: bigblowa
Status: User
Date: Jul 8, 2007
Comment: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT. heres what you do on the last

crack mike7@xsale.tb/reset.php
And bam you
got the password

BITCH'S i ruined it for you

User: Darkfaith
Status: User
Date: May 5, 2007
Comment: lol i finished all of them really easily. they
really need to make a hacker 4. put more missions.
fun by the way

User: Darkfaith
Status: User
Date: May 5, 2007
Comment: *SPOILER* easy just scan the www.xsale.tb site and
click on the site not listed. You should get 3
email accounts. take note of the mike7g one and bug
it then just go on*SPOILER*

User: floul2
Status: User
Date: Mar 23, 2007
Comment: LOL>COM

User: ArmyRat
Status: User
Date: Feb 18, 2007
Comment: dis game is cheesy

User: jedrek
Status: User
Date: Feb 18, 2007
Comment: hey . how do u get a password for mike7 in xsale.tb
??:> propositions plx Big Grin

User: kkk
Status: User
Date: Feb 6, 2007
Comment: im racist

User: chunkygeezer
Status: User
Date: Feb 4, 2007
Comment: why wont the game load?

User: 03jtuc
Status: User
Date: Feb 3, 2007
Comment: jus ignore me den

User: Rajjj
Status: User
Date: Jan 30, 2007
Comment: how do i
crack the upper password???????

User: 03jtuc
Status: User
Date: Jan 29, 2007
Comment: hey, how do u crack the password on
www.multiserver.tb?? any ideas??

User: flowash
Status: User
Date: Jan 20, 2007
Comment: Does noone know how to crack the coda for the multi
server level i have tryed everything and got
nothing....can someone plz private me on post a
message explaining how plz! thank you

User: evanescence
Status: User
Date: Dec 31, 2006
Comment: hi jamie or lilsimo

User: lilsimo
Status: User
Date: Dec 21, 2006
Comment: help me

User: jdizzle
Status: User
Date: Dec 18, 2006
Comment: can ne'one tell me how to get past the admin
password crack. every time I try to crack it it
says that it wont crack

User: superleelee
Status: User
Date: Dec 12, 2006
Comment: hey anyone talking

User: Rafiy001
Status: User
Date: Nov 16, 2006

User: eymard100101
Status: User
Date: Nov 7, 2006
Comment: it kinda took a little while 2 get the hang of it
but i beat it now its pretty easy

User: lukester
Status: User
Date: Oct 20, 2006
Comment: its frickin easy

User: demon_of_doom
Status: User
Date: Oct 3, 2006
Comment: so easy 1.5 minutes tops i won this lol I did this
least 12 times within 2 mins or less lol in ur face

User: sttgangster
Status: User
Date: Sep 16, 2006
Comment: lol i am a hack lol diz game is too easy i dun this
gane in 5 minits lol hack 1n 2 it to to to to easy

User: Topper12
Status: User
Date: Sep 4, 2006
Comment: How Do U play

User: jennief
Status: User
Date: Aug 27, 2006
Comment: i like the hacker games. but once you figure out
the first one the other levels are easy. also i
think there should be more levels in each one. and
the money you earn i think you should be able to
use it to buy better hack equip or something

User: superhamza
Status: User
Date: Aug 26, 2006
Comment: its to comfusing

User: Phantom~Freak
Status: User
Date: Aug 8, 2006
Comment: LoL beat game Aug 8,2006 At 10:20pm. Too easy.

User: chattycaddy
Status: User
Date: Aug 6, 2006
Comment: will somebody send me a private message thing i am
totally bored send me a name of a good game thanx

User: chattycaddy
Status: User
Date: Aug 6, 2006
Comment: i dont get it anybody care to explain??????????

User: Mena
Status: User
Date: Aug 5, 2006
Comment: wat up pplz

User: flamergamer
Status: User
Date: Aug 4, 2006
Comment: wat do u do

User: Cloudstrife
Status: User
Date: Aug 2, 2006
Comment: Rofl i beat it on August 2, 2006 at 11 AM Central,
was very tricky but i solved it,

User: susie24
Status: User
Date: Jul 30, 2006
Comment: urrrrr.... wat r u talkin about?

User: robbiefx8
Status: User
Date: Jul 28, 2006
Comment: how do u crack stuff. i dont get that part on it. i
type in: crack jack@multiserver.tb/jack5.php
and it doest crack wat am i suposed to type in to

User: susie24
Status: User
Date: Jul 26, 2006
Comment: weird and cool