Classic Games

With the birth of gaming came a glorious era of vastly imaginative games with a pleasing amount of differing art styles. Some of the most famous classic games started around the 1980’s with titles such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Donkey Kong. In fact, as of 2017, Pac-Man is the world’s fifth oldest video game franchise at 37 years old with it’s latest installation in the series being released in 2016!

Classic games have been around for decades, and gamers of all sorts can’t help but go back for more of these satisfying pieces of familiar gaming. Not only that, but these classics have been inspiration for other games that have come out over the years. For example, Pong which was first released in 1972 had you moving a vertical line up and down a screen to bounce a virtual ball to your opponent who would have to hit the ball back. This simple but genius concept to adapt into a game has helped become the founding idea of many games be they retro or modern.

Without the classics, gaming wouldn’t be the amazing culture that it is today. So it’s important to not only support the classics and show how much you appreciate them but also to acknowledge their existence and be thankful they were ever created.

Thanks to the world wide web, the original versions of classic games can still be accessed and enjoyed the way they were initially intended to be. Be a sport and play a classic game today!