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    Stickman is riding a bike in the Stickman Downhill game. The objective of the game is to complete the track ...

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From the moment, we learn how to draw, stick figures are usually the go-to style of drawing. You see them everywhere! Doodled on the side of your notebook, graffitied on school desks or walls, and sometimes even in popular animations on YouTube! The stick figure is king when it comes to simplistic drawings.

Stick figures aren’t all about simplism though. When you mix stick figure drawings and characters with gaming, a whole new world of ideas come to fruition. The simple stick figure can be shaped into whatever you can imagine and there are some games out there that hero the stick figure in such an epic way, your imagination will morph that simple stick drawing into the hero of your dreams.

It’s amazing where a stick figure game can go. Some take you down a dark path through seedy underbellies filled with violence and incredibly adult themes, whereas others provide you with a simple platformer adventure. Nevertheless, stick figure games shouldn’t be looked down upon for their simplism, instead, they should be explored for their potential to be complex, different and completely unique.

Stick games also provide a good deal of variety in terms of gaming genre. With a stick game, you’re not always going to get the same game twice. Because the stick is so adaptable, it can be incorporated into so many different genres like car racing, shooters, fighting games and heaps more that there’ll always be a stick game out there suitable for any gamer’s preference.